A space for Life to thrive— As we gently guide the process in a transformational direction, both the inner and outer life are enriched.  


Learn Pathways of Transformation for guiding both yourself and your clients.

Outstanding professional skills, plus deepening your personal healing journey. A nurturing learning space and supportive community.

Practical skills training is the focus.

Experiential, humanistic and transformational.

Integrative: somatic (body sensation level), cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and meaningful action, drawing from a wide spectrum of modalities.

The humanistic foundation consists of Eugene Gendlin’s profound inner-experiencing process, Focusing, and Carl Rogers’ Facilitative Conditions of respect, constructive authenticity, and caring empathic listening.

Inner conflict and a crushing inner Critic are common issues, plus a wounded inner child. Increased inner harmony, Wholeness, energy, and flow result from Transformational Integration of Inner PartsTM.

variety of transformational tools include releasing limiting beliefs and healing the past.

The processes transform, strengthen, and uplift: Clients are not left spinning their wheels in their heads, nor stuck in re-living their pain. Instead, we start with helping clients connect with—and continue to develop—an inner Core of strength and resource, which acts as a steadfast support during the deep work of inner healing.  And when working with their life issues, clients are consistently guided in a Life-enhancing direction.

Relationship Skills are included (win-win conflict resolution and creating a strong healing relationship).

Dreamwork and the Expressive Arts are also included.

To explore if the Program is a fit for you:

Email us at coordinator@lifespace.ca to contact the Director and Core Instructor, Barbara Forest.

You can:

  • ask your questions via email
  • have a phone discussion
  • follow up with a meeting in person
  • have counselling session(s) to personally experience the transformational processes

(Click on Orientation to arrange a private Program Orientation.)

Location:  the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

However, for the time being, classes and private sessions are being held via Zoom and the telephone.

This means that you can attend from any location.